Will Write for Food (and Fun)

I’m a recovering journalist, now telling my own stories and sharing my communications expertise with clients of all kinds. Read some recent blog posts to see what I’m up to, and be sure to let me know what you think.

Does your organization need help spreading its message? I can help with that too. Browse some writing samples, and then contact me to get started.

One thought on “Will Write for Food (and Fun)

  1. ndrea! I’ve been stalking you for the past 20 minutes online. I’m Sybil Satterfield, grower at Street Beets Street-side Market Garden. I just read an article that you wrote that included a fellow farm incubator farmer, Tysha Ahmed. I loved the piece.
    Our small farm is on the northwest side of Indianapolis and we would love to have you write for food and fun, about Street Beets.


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