Time flies … when it’s not dragging on and on

Time flies … when it’s not dragging on and on

My last post was more than five weeks ago, so I’ve got some updates for those of you following along.

Let’s start with the good news: Bob and I met with my oncologist in late March and she confirmed that I will NOT need chemotherapy this time around. YAY! Instead, I’ll take a prescription pill daily that we hope will keep my hormone-dependent cancer from finding its way back.

As far as my docs are concerned, I’ve achieved “no evidence of disease” status and don’t need additional treatment. That’s great, if a little bit nerve-wracking, to be honest, since active treatment feels like I’m doing something to fight this stupid disease. So I guess I’ll have to fight it in other ways.

Now for the not-as-good news: I still have one surgical drain, and it is still flowing. So much for the 7-10 days I was led to believe the drains would be in place. (The other drain, which consistently produced more fluid than the one that remains, was removed three-plus weeks ago after I accidentally pulled out part of the tubing.) As long as the remaining one is productive, it has to stay in. Sigh.

I’d hoped to be drain-less before I returned to work, but I finally can move freely enough to drive, so I am easing back into the office this week. I am so fortunate to have an incredible group of people who have been covering for me during my absence, but I’m eager to get back to carrying my weight.

One disappointing bit of news is that I almost certainly will need to have another surgery in the next 6-12 months. When I decided not to have reconstruction with my mastectomy, I foolishly thought that would be my only trip to the OR. But apparently it’s common to need more surgery to remove extra tissue. If you know a good plastic surgeon, let me know since apparently I’m going to be in the market for one in the near future.

Last week, I took my recovery on the road, tagging along on a spring break trip to the Rocky Mountains with friends. That turned out to be an overly ambitious decision, unfortunately, but at least I got to see some beautiful scenery and spend time with wonderful people.

Today I walked through the five senior rentals HAND is building in Tipton — exciting stuff that sent me straight home for a nap. LOL.

I guess my surgeon wasn’t kidding when she said it can take up to a year to really recover from surgery. Especially when you’re old like me. My recovery has definitely been more difficult than I expected, and I still have bodily fluids flowing into an increasingly disgusting bulb. So I’ll give myself some grace and stop pushing to return to “normal” on any particular schedule.

(And while we’re on the topic of schedules, please know that I haven’t forgotten thank-you notes. They are in the works, if long overdue. <3)